This is a mistake. An intentional one.

‘About’ sections on web sites are usually about accomplishments, awards, publications and the minutiae of a journey taken. There will be plenty of that later – as in the how, the where and the when – but before that takes over let me talk to you about the ‘why’.


Inside my head.

Looking at other art nude photographers’ web sites there’s almost an embarrassed scarcity of text. It’s as if somehow the presence of words on a page might interfere with the purity of thought that the photographs themselves are meant to provoke. I understand that sentiment but I’m travelling in a different direction – intentionally so. I want to use this site to explain my thoughts both before (and after) the photographs were taken and the subsequent mistakes and discoveries I’ve made as a result.


Ideas and their wilful absences / arrivals.

I don’t keep a diary (perhaps I should). I used to have a dream diary when I was younger, but now I’ve traded it in for a waking one with my camera. And when she comes, my dream-state muse doesn’t so much as talk to me as stealthy creep behind me and shout. And she needs to because what I see in my head, I don’t see in my photos. It’s a contradictory but intentional trade-off. You see, getting what you want in a photograph is good but it doesn’t come close to the delight and surprise you get when you meet the unexpected in a shot.


Between the idea and execution.

You see, in as much I try to think about the end photograph, I also try not to.

I have a tempered trust in chaos rather than a safe, repeatable, predictable formula. Customers want fresh images and I want fresh images too. Fresher than before. Different. And how I get there (and not disappoint them in the process) is my business, literally – and as such I thought I’d share some ideas with you along the way.

Nowadays I choose to think about the externals. Finding different ingredients that excite me and yet also conspire to allow even more open-ended results. More often than not it starts with a location; a stage upon which other people have already lived their lives, which becomes a new canvas for shapes caught within the light of a falling shutter – but who do you shoot? Ideas are good but they are only half the tale.


Finding a model.

The relationship between a photographer and an art nude model hinges on trust. Trust in a joint outcome as yet undelivered. They are exposed and your ideas soon will be too – so both parties need to tread carefully. Which is an interesting concept for someone who actively tries not to think about the outcome but leave the door open for randomness to walk through. This can also make choosing a model to work with potentially tricky.  Fortunately I was seriously lucky to find Emmanuelle Duchesne – or to be more exact – for her to find me.

At the moment, flickeringiroam.com is all about her. It wasn’t my intention. It just went that way because once you’ve worked with Emmanuelle’s professional-yet-anything-goes attitude it’s hard to imagine to working with anyone else. (Suffice to say, she comes highly recommended). But that’s part of the reason I’ve created this site – to show other models (as well as buyers) what might happen when I pick up a camera.


An unspoken me.

A lot of this site features comments that have been written retrospectively – which is something I want to address. From now on I’m going to be taking the risk of writing down my thoughts before actioning them. Maybe we’ll see if my imaginings and results bear any resemblance to one another when published side by side. It might reveal something new, or show a distraction that proved fruitful and necessary – or not. We’ll see.


The how, the where and the when.

When not shooting art nudes and adding to flickeringiroam.com I shoot editorial features in different countries, whilst also regularly working as a contributor to New York based photo agency Polaris Images. To date, my photos have been published in National Geographic Traveller, Rolling Stone, Der Spiegel, The Guardian amongst others. Award-wise I have had the good fortune to be nominated for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 ANI Coup de Coeur award and been chosen for the Portrait Salon 2012 contest.

If you would like to discuss a project, review a larger portfolio of my work or discuss anything else please get in touch with me at info@flickeringiroam or through my contact page on this website.

Thanks for stopping by.


Mark Esper

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