Les Frigos, Paris

Much of my time in Paris with Emmanuelle was spent wandering around looking for art nude locations (as well as opportunities). This set came about in exactly that fashion.

Emmanuelle introduced me to ‘Les Frigos‘ (aka ‘The Fridges’) which is a huge artistic commune set adrift in the middle of Paris. Reclaimed from the Parisian industrial wasteland, it was occupied by various artists and artisans in the 1980’s and then spray-painted and rebranded as ‘Les Frigos’.

Moving through its cavernous bowels, from studio to studio, we made our way up through the building, arriving at its top floor. Chatting as you do to the artists along the way, one kindly offered us the use of his studio during his lunch break. Like all the best studios it had great light, fading away from the window into the deep darker recesses of the building.

Behind The ScenesPositioning Emmanuelle close to the window there was just enough light to try some art nude / slow shutter photographs, although made difficult with the lack of a tripod. Needs must when the opportunity’s put before you and we still ended up with interesting shapes nonetheless, shooting hand-held.

Again, like our set in Colioure, I could see a lot of Francis Bacon in the twisting blurred shapes we were creating.

A lot of conventional art nude photographs are static. Pin sharp and precise, they detail every hair and follicle of the subject being photographed – and whilst I feel there’ll be time enough for that – it’ll only be when I’ve found something new to say with it.

In the meantime it’s time to break some rules. Time to find out what’s been done before and try to push it in a different direction.

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