On The Rocks, Colioure

We’d exhausted Perpignan and we were now looking for something new.

Taking the coach to Barcelona we stopped off at the beachside town of Colioure for a day. Walking through its streets we hunted for some art nude location and finally found ourselves at the beach. I was immediately drawn to the rocks. They were sharp, edgy and carried these amazing lines of texture which I knew were going to practically shine in black and white.

Behind The ScenesSince I wanted to use the rocks as the main backdrop to the shots, we spent a lot of time clambering across them looking for lines of compression that might mimic the line of a pose. Without having the benevolent depth of field that normally comes from shooting a landscape (with its shrinking perspective of clouds) I looked for patterns in the rock to position Emmanuelle, and as a result tell the story of each frame.

As it turns out, the rocks were every bit as sharp as they look in the photographs and it was further testament to Emmanuelle’s tenacity as a model to pose against them, incurring a multitude of small cuts along the way.

Whilst shooting I was thinking about the signature look of the Pre-Raphaelite art nudes I’d seen in paintings before. As well as mimicking their arched poses by rock pools, there was also one other overriding atheistic at play. The women, as with Emmanuelle, have real bodies. They have hips, stomachs, breasts and real curves and that was something I wanted to come through to support the references I was trying to make.

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